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  • It's time to stop going on "DIETS"

    Words have power.

    How you talk about something is what gives it meaning, substance and a leg to stand on.

    • If you're constantly using negative language then it will be negative.
    • If you're constantly using positive language then it will be positive.

    It really is as simple as that.

    Which is why we HATE the word "Diet".

    It has the word DIE in it.

    What's the first thing you think of when you hear DIEt?

    Not something good, right?

  • How Your Body Builds New Muscle

    If you’re like most people out there, then you would like to have bigger, stronger, and more well-defined muscles.

    There ain't no shame in that.

    But have you ever wondered how your body actually creates new muscles in the first place?

    Everyone loves to talk about the best exercises to grow muscles, but nobody talks about how your body actually goes about building those muscles.

    So we decided to do some research into exactly what causes your muscles to grow and how you can go about maximizing your muscle growth when you work out...

  • How Fasting Can Help You Burn Fat (And Get Healthy)

    You have probably heard about fasting before.

    But have you ever considered fasting to help achieve your health and fitness goals?

    Maybe instead of constantly changing what you eat to get healthy, you actually need to go on a fast and eat...

    Nothing at all!

  • How To Be More Masculine In The Modern World

    If there's one thing that most guys out there want, it's to be more masculine.

    There ain't no shame in that.

    But what does masculinity even mean in the first place?

    Simply put, as a man, your masculinity is the set of traits that make you manly.

    Which traits are considered manly varies widely based on who you ask, but usually it centers around a few core traits such as being...
  • How To Capitalize On The Secret Of Human Behavior

    Have you ever wondered why YOU do the things that you do in your daily life?

    When given an option between choice A, B, & C, why do some people pick A, some people pick B, and some people pick C?

    If there is a 'right' answer then most people should simply pick that answer, right?

    Well, no.

    That would be wayyy too logical.

    And we both know that most humans aren't the most logical creatures in the world.

    There's actually an underlying principal at work here that makes up most---if not all---of human behavior.

    It is the secret answer behind why you (and everyone else) does what they do.

  • The Perfect Time To Change Your Life

    The beginning of a new month feels like a breath of fresh air, doesn't it?

    New opportunities, new beginnings, and so much potential are ahead of us.

    Do you have any big plans or goals for this month?

    I do.

    This month I plan on completely transforming my body...

    1. No One Is Coming To Save You

      Nobody is coming to save you. While many people will come to different conclusions about how they feel about that fact, the simple realization is that it is up to you. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to do? It's up to you to decide---and it's up to you to follow through with it.
    2. Happy New Years To The Go-Getters!

      Happy New Years and welcome to the Roarin' 2022's!You've got an incredible opportunity in front of you...A new year has just begun.There's NO BETT...
    3. 5 Must Know Tips For Gaining Huge Size During A Bulk

      Well, well, well, if it isn't that time of the year again...


      One of the most wonderful times of the year if we do say so ourselves. 

      Many people will end up going on a "bulk" during the winter months and that's all well and good.

      However, often times people end up gaining just as much (if not MORE) fat when they are on a "bulk" as they gain muscle. 

      This is all wrong.

      When you are bulking, it is inevitable that you will gain some fat. 

      However your GOAL should be to gain as much muscle as possible and as little fat as possible for the duration of your "bulking cycle" (ideally 12 - 16 weeks).

      While bulking routines come in many different shapes and sizes, many guys will tend to make some simple mistakes here or there which ultimately leads to them not being able to achieve the goals they set out for when they began their bulk.

      Here are 5 simple tips to keep in mind while bulking to make sure that you stay on track throughout your cycle...

    4. How To Get In Shape When You "Don't Have The Time"

      We are giving it to you straight.

      We don’t believe that ANYBODY doesn’t have the time to get some productive form of exercise in on a consistent basis.

      With that being said, obviously some people that are busier than others.

      You may have to take care of your family along with your full-time job, or you may have other time consuming obligations that cut into your free time.

      While we typically advise that everyone should train 5x minimum per week, exceptions must be made if you are truly starved for time.

      If You Are Super Crunched For Time Then Do Hybrid Workouts A Few Times Per Week.

      What we mean by "Hybrid Workouts" is...

    5. The 3 Plans Of Attack For Losing Body Fat (Fast)

      Do you want to know a deep, dark, truth about the fitness industry?

      They want YOU to be fat.


      Fat loss sells. 

      A lot.

      It is estimated that the fat loss industry is worth around $70 Billion Dollars.

      That’s why there’s a million-billion different diets, training programs, and “weight loss secrets” that pop up seemingly out of nowhere every single year.

      (And they will continue to do so until the end of time.)

      This can easily send you on a spiral of analysis paralysis as you read and examine every new and old fat loss fad that has ever been invented.

      But here's the real truth about fat loss:

      ALL Fat Loss Revolves Around Burning Calories.

    6. How To Breathe Properly (And Why It Is So Important)

      Do you know what the most important thing for a human being is?

      It's not water, it's not food, it's not shelter.

      It's OXYGEN.

      You can survive a month without food, you can survive a week without water, but you can not survive more than 5 minutes without oxygen.

      Ranked on the list of things necessary for survival, Oxygen comes in at #1.

      The problem is that most people never think about it.