How To Capitalize On The Secret Of Human Behavior

Have you ever wondered why YOU do the things that you do in your daily life?

When given an option between choice A, B, & C, why do some people pick A, some people pick B, and some people pick C?

If there is a 'right' answer then most people should simply pick that answer, right?

Well, no.

That would be wayyy too logical.

And we both know that most humans aren't the most logical creatures in the world.

There's actually an underlying principal at work here that makes up most---if not all---of human behavior.

It is the secret answer behind why you (and everyone else) does what they do.

Do you want to know what it is?

The SECRET of human behavior?


I'll tell you.

But before I do...

Promise me you aren't going to roll your eyes, brush this off, and stop reading right after I reveal it to you.

It is going to sound silly & simple.

But most truths about life & human nature are usually pretty simple.

It's just that people like to overcomplicate things to make themselves feel about about not achieving X, Y, or Z.


Here it goes.

The secret of human behavior and why you do what you do has to do with 1 thing and 1 thing only...


Simple, right?

More specifically...

Everything that you do in life is guided by the AVOIDANCE of discomfort.

  • You don't go to the gym because it's uncomfortable
  • You don't ask that person out on a date because it's uncomfortable
  • You don't learn something new because it's uncomfortable

Every negative thing in your life is largely driven by discomfort and you trying to avoid it.

While avoiding discomfort is an innate human condition, knowing this helps us to do the most important thing in the world...

Embrace discomfort!

It is only by embracing discomfort (and struggling) that you grow.

You can only improve your life by growing.

Therefore, you can only improve your life through embracing discomfort.

Do you want to change your life?

Get uncomfortable!

How do you get uncomfortable?

Do uncomfortable things:

  • Ask that girl out
  • Apply for that job
  • Start that business
  • Go to that gym
  • Begin that hard diet

It's only by stepping outside of your comfort zone, and embracing discomfort/the unknown where true growth begins.

You think Steve Jobs was comfortable starting Apple?

You think Steve Jobs was comfortable starting Next & Pixar after being FIRED from his own company (Apple)?

You think Steve Jobs was comfortable going back to Apple after being fired from it, and grabbing the reigns and turning the company into the massive success that it is today?


    • He was pissed off
    • He was struggling
    • He was on-the-edge

    But you know what he did?

    He embraced discomfort and kept going.

    • Despite the discomfort
    • Despite the struggle
    • Despite the pain

    He kept moving forward.

    And that my friend, is what you must do too.

    If you really want to do something great with your life, then you need to stop being comfortable and start embracing discomfort.

    • It doesn't matter how hard it gets
    • It doesn't matter how uncomfortable you get
    • It doesn't matter how other people view you

    You Keep Moving Forward!

    That's how winning is done.

    My task for you this week, should you choose to accept it, is simple, but not easy.

    I want you to embrace discomfort in an area of your life that you have been avoiding for a long time now.

    Then report back to me with how it went.

    It can be anything:

    • Going to the gym
    • Talking to a stranger
    • Learning a new skill
    • Finally doing your budget
    • Fasting for a day

    You get the idea.

    It can be a physical discomfort, a mental discomfort, or an emotional discomfort.

    Whatever it is, I want you to embrace the discomfort, embrace the suck, and just push through whatever it is that you need to do.

    Just like lifting weights, the more often that you embrace discomfort, the easier it gets.

    That's when you really start building up the postive momentum to change your life.

    But you gotta start at the start.

    Do 1 thing that makes you wildly uncomfortable this week.

    Then report back with how it went.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Your friend,

    - GoldSteve

    P.S. As blogger Ed Latimore once said: "Not caring about what other people think is a Superpower" and I'd have to say he was right on the money with that one.

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