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  • How Vitamin D Can Protect You From The Flu (or Even Worse)

    During the research and development phase of Vitality, our team found a fascinating study called Epidemic Influenza and Vitamin D that was done in 2006.

    The study's hypothesis was (paraphrasing): "The reason why people get the flu in the winter and don't get the flu in the summer is because of Vitamin D levels."

    Since people are deficient in vitamin D in the winter (no sunlight), this leads to weakened immune systems (especially in the lungs), which opens people up for attack from the influenza virus and other respiratory infections (i.e. COVID-19).

    Then this past week a breakthrough study was published that solidified our stance on Vitamin D: Calcifediol treatment and COVID-19-related outcomes.

    Per the study's interpretation: In patients hospitalized with COVID-19, calcifediol (i.e. Vitamin D) treatment at the time of hospitalization significantly reduced ICU admission and mortality. 

    With COVID-19 still wreaking havoc on the world this seems like the perfect time to dive deeper.

  • Low Testosterone vs. High Testosterone (How It Affects Your Quality Of Life)

    Testosterone, the main male sex hormone, is one of the most important hormones in a man’s body. It controls everything… from the size of your muscles to how you feel about yourself.

    Most men are completely unaware if they have high testosterone or low testosterone levels and that is a huge mistake...

  • Cursed With High Estrogen Levels? Learn How To Get Your Estrogen In Check

    High estrogen levels are literally killing men today. Yet, everyone is in denial.

    Nobody wants to admit that the root cause for many problems plaguing men today have everything to do with having too much ESTROGEN and nothing to do with anything else.

  • The 3 Methods of Muscle Growth

    Building new muscle comes down to 2 main things:

    1. Understanding your body

    2. Recognizing that your lifestyle is going to make-or-break you