The #1 Test That Every Man Needs To Pass

Men today have fewer resources than ever when it comes to how they can live their best life.

We live in an age of prosperity, abundance, and unlimited information. 

And yet... the REAL information that men need to become healthy, wealthy, and wise is missing.

We're not going to get into why things are like this.

(Maybe another time.)

We're just going to tell you what you need to know.

The most important test for a man to take in 2021 is a...

Testosterone Test

Testosterone is responsible for everything that makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

If you have too little of it, you turn into a soy-boy b*tch, unable to stand up for yourself, constantly getting crushed under the boot of feminists, political sociopaths, and anyone who has more testosterone than you.

Do you want this to happen?


Us either. 

That's why it is VITALLY important that you educate yourself about testosterone and find out how much of it you have in your body. 

Here's a quick breakdown:

There are 2 different types of testosterone that they typically test for inside your body:

Total Testosterone & Free Testosterone.

Total testosterone is the complete amount of testosterone in your body at any given time.

This includes all of the bound (used) testosterone and all of the unbound (free) testosterone.

Free testosterone is the amount of testosterone that is readily available for your body to use at any given time.

In a perfect world both of these numbers would be sky high.

Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world. 


Instead of focusing on raising both of these numbers...

You really only need to crank up your free testosterone up as high as possible.


Because free testosterone is the testosterone that directly helps you build stronger muscles, boost your mood, boost your confidence and otherwise help you become the best man that you can be.

Yes, you do need both.


If you have high levels of total testosterone and low levels of free testosterone then YOU WILL SUFFER FROM HAVING LOW TESTOSTERONE! 

So it's important to focus on getting your natural free testosterone levels as high as possible. 

Many doctors will only test your total testosterone when you ask for it.

But this is like trying to get somewhere with only half a map---It can't be done. 

Free testosterone is what you want to maximize as much as possible.

That's why it's important to test for it.

If you care about your health, then here's what you should do:


Tell them you've been feeling weird lately and you want to make sure that everything is alright with your hormones.

When you go in, make sure that they test for:

  • Total Testosterone
  • Free Testosterone
  • Estrogen
  • Estradiol (E2)

It's really important to get all 4 of these tests done.

If you can swing it to get these additional tests done as well that would be very helpful:

  • LH
  • FSH
  • SHBG
  • IGF-1
  • TSH
  • T3

After you get your results back, check out our blog on testosterone blood tests to better understand your results.

If you still don't really get it then send us an email.

While you're waiting for your results there are a few proven things that you can do help naturally raise your testosterone levels:

  • Sleep more
  • Lift weights & train often
  • Eat more fat & cholesterol
  • Lose body fat
  • Eat less sugar

Now here’s the bad news...

You can do everything right: Go to the gym, Eat a proper diet, Get enough sleep.

And you can still suffer from low testosterone levels!


Because our modern environments & modern lifestyles are literally polluted with xenoestrogens and other nasty chemicals that lower your testosterone & raise your estrogen levels.

So what's a man to do?

Cower in fear?

Hell no!

You need take matters into your own hands.

The first thing to do is to make sure you're doing all of the things we mentioned above:

  • Go to the gym
  • Eat a proper diet (with plenty of fats)
  • Get a good amount of sleep per night


You take a testosterone boosting supplement that actually works.

Like Vitality 

Vitality is the #1 all natural Testosterone boosting supplement for men that actually works to help you naturally raise your testosterone levels!

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Here’s what Vitality can help you with:

  • Boosting testosterone
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  • Reducing Stored Fat
  • Improved Sense of Well-Being

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