How To Cure Unexplained Aches & Pains

Cure Aches & Pains


Have you ever suffered from any unexplained aches & pains around your body?

  • Back pain that came out of nowhere.
  • Knee pain that just won’t go away.
  • Wrist pain that makes it hard to type.
  • Foot pain that makes it hard to walk.

In the United States alone there are well over 3 million cases of lower back pain reported each year.

But that’s just for lower back pain and that’s just for people who go to a doctor to do something about it.

When you think about how many people silently deal with pain, don’t go to a doctor, or have accepted that this pain is a part of their life…

The amount of people suffering from aches and pains goes up by the millions.

There is good news however.

Many of these aches and pains that so many people experience can be dealt with quickly and easily by following the simple technique outlined below.

GoldSteve unintentionally stumbled upon this technique when he was going through a rough patch dealing with pain in the middle of his feet.

Here’s what GoldSteve had to say…


I have naturally flat feet.

A while back, I started getting a bad pain in the middle of my feet whenever I would walk or stand.

It got so bad that I went to a foot doctor to figure out what was wrong.

He explained that I don’t have any arches on the bottom of my feet due to my flat feet. This lack of arch support caused the pain I felt.

It was called Plantar Fasciitis.

When I asked him what I could do about it, he said I could get some shoe inserts. I could also begin taking anti-inflammatory medication (Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen) daily to help deal with the pain.

But other than that, this was something that was incurable and very common for people with flat feet.

"INCURABLE?!" I thought, "Was I was going to have pain in my feet forever?"

I went out and got the shoe inserts and started wearing them daily.

They helped... somewhat.

The pain was still there, but to a lesser degree than before.

Due to my foot problem I had taken a month off from the gym...

Eventually, I decided enough was enough. Pain or no pain, it was time to start exercising again.

When I got back into the gym I started going really hard training my legs.

Calf exercises, quad exercises, hamstring exercises, etc.

In my mind I thought that if I could make my legs really strong, maybe I would feel less pain.

Guess what happened...

After a week or two of training my legs in the gym the pain in my feet was completely gone!

I didn't have to wear the shoe inserts anymore. My feet didn't hurt immediately upon waking any longer.

My “incurable” condition was cured by a simple exercise routine that focused on building up my legs, specifically strengthening my calves.

You know what I learned?


For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

  • If you have weak calves, then your feet will hurt.
  • If you have weak glutes or abs, then your back will hurt.

Instead of resigning yourself to fate, it’s time to get up and do something about it!

Whatever the unexplained ache or pain is in your body, look above it and below it.

Is there something above or below the pain you feel that could perhaps be causing it?

Almost any problem in one area will lead to a problem somewhere else. Be sure to look for what is causing the pain, not only at what is in pain.

For example, let's say that you are currently suffering from a bad case of knee pain.

Everyday, knee pain.

  • Walking = knee pain
  • Sitting = knee pain
  • Running = knee pain
  • Stairs = terrible, awful, knee pain

When faced with knee issues many people will automatically think, “I have bad knees.”

That makes logical sense, right?

Your knees hurt, therefore the problem must be with your knees.

But have you ever considered that perhaps something else in your body is causing your knee pain?

Knee pain is often caused by tight hamstrings.

Let us explain…

It’s a simple case of cause and effect.

Do you sit down a lot during the day?

(The average American adult will sit for 12+ hours a day.)

All of that sitting gradually degrades your hamstrings.

It weakens them and makes them wind-up very, very, tightly.

As your hamstrings begin to get tighter, they will start pulling on your knees more and more.

The weaker your hamstrings, the tighter they get.

The tighter your hamstrings, the more force/stress they pull against your knees.

The more stress against your knees, the more your knees hurt. 

Your hamstrings have a huge effect on your knees and can cause you a lot of grief if they are weak/tight.

If you sit in-front of a computer for 10+ hours a day, to work, or learn, or connect with the world, it has a huge negative impact on your hamstrings and can manifest itself as knee pain.

This goes for almost all other areas of your body.

If you are currently suffering from any unexplained aches or pains around your body there’s one very important thing that you need to realize...


The pain that you feel in your body is most likely a reaction to something else going wrong in your body.

Knee pain is often a reaction to tight/weak hamstrings.

Lower back pain is often a reaction to weak glutes or abs, usually caused by sitting down too much.

Remember that your muscles work in pairs.

Your bicep contracts, making your tricep relax, and vice-versa.

Likewise, when you feel an ache/pain in your body, with no obvious explanation as to why, you should look above and below that area of your body for clues.

The pain that you are feeling in your body is usually caused by something above it or below it going wrong.

Always remember to train hard. But more importantly, train smart.

If you have pain somewhere, check the surrounding areas to find the culprit.

Once you find out what may be causing the issue, focus on building up those muscles and the surrounding area.

After a few weeks, your pain issues may be as good as gone!

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