Does Vitality Actually Work? Blood Test Proof Inside!

People love to ask me if I actually practice what I preach.

(Meaning, do I take the supplements that I help to sell?)

The answer is YES.

(I wouldn't create a supplement that I didn't take myself.)

While the daily supplement routine that I follow changes with the seasons, the 1 supplement I am almost always on since we created it is VITALITY.

This is because if you are a man, the two most important hormones you want to have optimized in your body are your TESTOSTERONE levels and your ESTROGEN levels.

  • If they are where they should be, then you'll feel like the King of the World.
  • If they are out-of-wack and all over the place, then you'll feel like a pile of sh*t

It's THAT important to get these guys under control.

Today we're going to talk about my experience with taking VITALITY daily for 3 months (12 weeks) w/ blood work proof!

Here's the story:

I get comprehensive blood work done every Fall.

I check everything: testosterone, estrogen, TSH levels, etc.

It's a part of my physical & yearly checkup with my Dr. Feel Good.

I do these tests every Fall so that I can get an understanding of what my BASELINE stats are.

Meaning, what are my hormone levels usually hanging out at?

For the past 2 years, here are my baseline Total Testosterone & Free Testosterone levels:

Goldsteve average testosterone levels

And here are my baseline estrogen (e2) levels:

Goldsteve average estrogen levels

Not the best, not the worst. 

According to my charts, I was in average territory for testosterone. 

Whereas with estrogen (e2) I was slightly on the uptrend. 

Naturally, I wanted to fix this situation. 

We tried LOTS and LOTS of things.

After plenty of trial and error we noted what worked & what didn't work.

(All the stuff that worked was put into an eBook here)

Then, in March of 2021, we released VITALITY.

VITALITY was the culmination of years of research and development.

The previous supplement company I worked for, Red Supplements, had 2 all natural products to help with Testosterone & Estrogen production/regulation.

Vitality was the evolution of those products as it contained all of the best all natural ingredients to help boost Testosterone levels & reduce excess Estrogen levels AT THE SAME TIME.

After its release, I began taking VITALITY daily.

Then, this past June, I got a full panel blood test to check the results.

(I was on Vitality from March - June. I'm human and not perfect, so I missed days here and there. All-in-all it came out to around 3 months (12 weeks) of consistent use.)

Here are my results:

JUNE 2021 BLOOD TEST RESULTS (Testosterone)

Goldsteve 2021 testosterone

JUNE 2021 BLOOD TEST RESULTS (Estrogen *e2*)
Goldsteve estrogen results

Let's recap:

Fall 2019

  • Total Testosterone = 580 ng/dL
  • Free Testosterone = 96.3 pg/mL* (= 9.6 ng/dL)
  • Estradiol (e2) = 31 pg/mL

Fall 2020

  • Total Testosterone = 580 ng/dL
  • Free Testosterone = 91.1 pg/mL* (= 9.1 ng/dL)
  • Estradiol (e2) = 33 pg/mL

June 2021 

  • Total Testosterone = 758 ng/dL
  • Free Testosterone = 22.0 ng/dL
  • Estradiol (e2) = 26 pg/mL

(*Note: Testosterone should be measured in ng/dL not pg/mL. To get the difference divide pg/mL by 10 to get ng/dL)


  • My Total Testosterone increased by ~30% or 178 ng/dL
  • My Free Testosterone increased by ~230% or 12.9 ng/dL
  • My Estrogen decreased by ~20% or 7 pg/mL

After being on VITALITY for 3-4 months!


By simply taking Vitality and living the life that I always live, I was able to MORE THAN DOUBLE MY FREE TESTOSTERONE!

This is very significant because Free Testosterone is the testosterone that you actually FEEL.

It's the un-bound version of testosterone that floats around your body and attaches to your muscles to help them grow big and strong (for example).

In roughly 12 weeks of being on VITALITY I was able to move my testosterone from "average" to "high" and my estrogen from "ramping up" to "stable" in the "golden zone”.

Now don't get me wrong…

During this time period I was still:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Eating well
  • Taking care of myself

Like I normally do. 

But besides taking Vitality, I wasn't doing anything EXTRA.

Which is amazing.

In light of these awesome results, we are releasing a new bundle/deal on Gold Coast for Vitality.



When it comes to vitamins, minerals, and nutrients---less is more.

You DO NOT want to overdose your body on these things or add in too much too quickly.

You want to give your body just the right amount it needs to start producing more testosterone naturally and that's exactly what Vitality does for you. 

All of the vitamins, minerals & nutrients in each capsule of Vitality are perfectly proportioned to give you the M.E.D. (Minimum effective dose) to boost your testosterone production safely & stably. 

While also giving you the natural aromatase blocking compounds your body needs to keep your estrogen under control.


Optimizing your hormones and living your best life takes some time and it takes some effort. 

You need to plant the seeds today and put in the work so that you can reap the rewards tomorrow. 

This is why we are releasing this bundle.

As we say on the side of every single bottle of VITALITY "For best results use 8-12 weeks.”

Now you have the opportunity to get 12 weeks of benefits for the price of 8!

While you may not see as drastic of results as I saw when I was on VITALITY---we GUARANTEE you will see positive results if you stick to the plan. 

Also, as an added bonus, we're sending each and every person who orders even 1 bottle of Vitality a copy of our GOLD COAST HEALTH GUIDE TO NATURALLY INCREASING YOUR TESTOSTERONE AND KILLING EXCESS ESTROGEN ($20 value) ABSOLUTELY FREE!

We're doing all of this because we want YOU to know what it feels like to live a High Testosterone lifestyle.

So if you're interested in:

  • Increasing Your Natural Testosterone Production
  • Boosting Lean Muscle Mass Gains
  • Decreasing Excess Estrogen Production
  • Increasing Your Confidence, Energy, & Motivation
  • Improving your Sexuality / Libido

And just living the best life you can as a man---then we highly recommend you grab yourself 3 bottles of VITALITY and see for yourself if you feel as great on it as we do.


- GoldSteve

P.S. To unlock this deal, simply add 3 bottles of Vitality to your cart. 1 bottle will automatically be marked down as free.

Then, you will receive your copy of the GCH Guide To Testosterone & Estrogen via email after your order is complete. 

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