How to Feel Like a Teenager Again

Do you remember what it felt like when you were a teenager?

  • Bursting with energy
  • Eating whatever you wanted
  • Living a carefree, joyful life

Do you know why you felt that way?

You felt this way because your body was going through...


Puberty is nature's way of turning boys into men.

How nature does this is by SKYROCKETING your testosterone levels.

For most men, this equates to:

  • An insatiable sex drive
  • Easily building muscle
  • Feeling more energetic
  • Less prone to injury
  • Faster overall recovery
  • Good mood & positive outlooks on life
  • Increased confidence & swagger

As you get older this process reverses until you are a spitting image of what you used to be, and your d*ck doesn't work anymore.

Or so most men are lead to believe...

The truth is that you DO NOT have to accept having low testosterone levels as a man!

Men are supposed to be MASCULINE.

Men are supposed to be STRONG.

Men are supposed to have HIGH TESTOSTERONE.

You don't need to go through puberty to feel 15 years old...

You Just Need To Have High Testosterone Levels To Feel Like A Teenager Again!

Here are the 5 best ways to increase testosterone production naturally:

1. Eat More Fat

Cholesterol is the primary building block of testosterone. Your body breaks down the cholesterol you eat and uses it to create new testosterone.

Cholesterol is found in fat.

The more fat you eat, the more "raw materials" your body has to create more testosterone.

(Maybe it's not a coincidence that the rise of beta-males also coincides with the rise of low-fat foods & low-fat diets...)

Moral of the story?

Eat more fat. 

2. Sleep 7-8 Hours Per Night

Testosterone synthesis (creating new testosterone) mostly happens while you are sleeping.

This is why making sure that you are getting quality sleep every night is extremely important!

A study done in 2011 showed that 1 week of sleep restriction (sleeping only 5 hours per night for 7 days) lowered testosterone levels from 10% - 15%. 

That's just from 1 week of sleeping around 5 hours per night. 

Many, many people sleep less than 5 hours per night for YEARS.

Imagine how much that is hamstringing their testosterone levels from where they COULD BE.

REM sleep & Deep Sleep are the most important things for rest, recovery, and testosterone production.

Make sure you're getting your 7-8 hours each night!

3. Resistance Training 4-5x Per Week

Resistance training forces your body to create more testosterone to keep up with the physical stress you are placing on it.

When you lift heavy weights, it "turns on" the androgen receptors in your muscles.

These androgen receptors act like magnets towards the free testosterone that is floating around your body.

Your free testosterone then attaches itself to these androgen receptors in your muscles, helping them grow bigger & stronger.

Your brain notices that your free testosterone levels are going down, so it tells your body to make some more to replace the testosterone used by your muscles.

This ends up with you:

  1. Having bigger & stronger muscles
  2. Your body producing MORE natural testosterone


4. Have More Sex

Testosterone is the male SEX hormone.

At the end of the day, while it does help improve nearly everything in your life, its primary focus is on you gettin-it-on.

Having regular sex is one of the best things that a man can do to boost his testosterone.

Nature wants you to procreate.

More testosterone is the reward. 

5. Give Your Body The Vitamins/Minerals It Needs To Succeed

Your body needs certain vitamins & minerals in order to create more testosterone.

Without them, your body won't be able to go through the process to create new testosterone effectively.

The first 4 ways of naturally increasing your testosterone levels are 100% on you.

The 5th point is where we can help.

If you're like most guys, then you have no idea which vitamins, minerals, or herbs you need to eat in order to help boost your testosterone levels.

We don't blame you, it's not easy information to find.

Even if you know, how are you supposed to find high quality ingredients, or know exactly how much to take?

Sure, you can Google all of these questions and spend hours looking at conflicting information until your eyes bleed.


You can simply take... VITALITY!

Vitality is Jam-Packed with 13 Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutrients Designed To Help Boost Your Natural Testosterone Levels!

Vitality helps to give your body everything it needs to help create more testosterone levels.

Minerals-wise, we have magnesium, zinc, and boron in there, all 3 of which are proven to help raise testosterone levels in people that do not get enough of them in their diet.

Combining those minerals with a handful of powerful botanicals & vitamins---Vitality creates a super mix of testosterone boosting & estrogen reducing POWER.

When it comes to feeling like a teenager again, age is just a number.

If you live a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, and take Vitality, then you can make sure you're doing everything you can to turn back the clock!


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